About Us

We are people who have decided to plant an acorn so that tomorrow someone can rest in the shade of an oak tree.

We are Catholics who have looked around and seen the need to rebuild a society centred on Christ, the only Way, Truth and Life.

We are people who believe that it is necessary to work, rather than talk, but that before that it is necessary to pray, living the Sacraments with adequate frequency and faith, because “In vain do builders labour if the Lord does not build his house.

We, like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, feel like little pencils in the hands of the Lord and we want to let His hand guide us, because it is He who thinks, it is He who writes, it is He who draws.

We believe in the Social Doctrine of the Church and that the implementation of its principles is necessary to create a more just society.

We believe that it is time to to build a network of local communities, rooted in the territory, grafted into the parishes, closely connected with the religious communities, a network in the service of God and Man, to bring Christian Hope back to theeconomy, education, health, art, culture and all dimensions from which Christian Ethics has been driven out in recent decades. A network of small lights all bearing the one truth that is Christ.

Our motto is not very original, but we could not better express what our idea is: ora et labora, pray and work, entrust yourself to God and let Him, through you, rebuild this broken humanity and heal this seriously ill society.

We place ourselves at the service of a Christian Humanism, whose heart is in the Incarnation. We venerate Mary Most Holy as our heavenly mother and consecrate ourselves to her in this work of evangelisation.

We have a very clear vision of the society we want to build, and it will take years before this is realised, God willing. But this does not frighten us. We are aware, as we said, that we are planting an acorn. In the shade of that oak tree, we will probably not be able to rest, but then again, how many oak tree shadows have we enjoyed because someone planted the acorn long before us? So, as the Russian Pilgrim’s grandfather used to say, “Let us thank God and pray to him more often.”

May the Lord bless us, preserve us from all evil and lead us to eternal life. Amen

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